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Centrigugal sand pump is a power equipment for feeding fluids to the desander and desilter, also can be used as filling pump, it can supply power to it when used with jet mud mixer.


 Model Capacity Flow Life Frequency
SB8X6-14 75KW 320m³/h 40m 50Hz
SB8X6-13 55KW 290m³/h 34m 50Hz
SB6X5-13 45KW 200m³/h 33m 50Hz
SB6X5-12 37KW 180m³/h 30m 50Hz
SB6X5-11 30KW 160m³/h 21m 50Hz
SB5X4-12 22KW 90m³/h 30m 50Hz
SB5X4-11 18.5KW 90m³/h 24m 50Hz
SB4X3-13 15KW 50m³/h 40m 50Hz
SB4X3-12 11KW 45m³/h 30m 50Hz
SB3X2-12 7.5KW 45m³/h 24m 50Hz

 Model  Capacity      Flow      Life  Frequency
 SB8X6-12   75KW   355m³/h     43m     60Hz
 SB6X5-12   55KW   196m³/h    48m 60Hz
 SB6X5-13   45KW   149m³/h    61m 60Hz
 SB6X5-12   37KW   112m³/h    45m 60Hz
 SB6X5-11   30KW   112m³/h    37m 60Hz
 SB5X4-12   22KW   105m³/h    30m 60Hz
 SB5X4-11  18.5KW   55m³/h    46m 60Hz
 SB4X3-13   15KW   54m³/h    35m 60Hz
 SB4X3-12   11KW   28m³/h    45m 60Hz
 SB3X2-12   7.5KW   25m³/h    35m 60Hz


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