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Slurry pump is mainly used to pump thick liquid, viscous liquid, oil residue, dreggy liquid and corrosive liquid. Slurry pump in oil drilling engineering is mainly used to supply the mud for the centrifuge, and is mainly used to feeding fluids for shale shaker, desander and desilter.

Advantage of submersible slurry pump:

1.Small floor space, big capacity, big absorb particles.

2.The geometrical morphology of flow components conform to the medium flow state to reduce the hydraulic loss

caused by eddy current and strike. Thus reducing the weariness to parts and reduce the operation noise and vibration.

3.Pump flow components with high hard alloy casting, the material has high wear resistance,corrosion resistance, impact resistance, long service life. 
Model flow life Capacity
50YZS25-12 12m³/h 13m 3KW
50YZS25-12A 25m³/h 8m 4KW
65YZS50-12 40m³/h 10.8m 5.5KW
80YZS80-20 60m³/h 15m 7.5KW
80YZS80-20A 80m³/h 21m 11KW
100YZS100-30B 85m³/h 12m 15KW
100YZS100-30A 100m³/h 24m 18.5KW
100YZS100-30 120m³/h 25m 22KW
100YZS160-38A 140m³/h 28m 37KW
100YZS160-38 160m³/h 35m 45KW
150YZS250-40 240m³/h 40m 55KW

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