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Mud motor tester is special equipment for testing sealing performance of new or repaired downhole motor so as to provide features of downhole motor and scientific evidence which will decide the possibility for downhole motor to be run in hole. Avoid blind scrap drill tools caused economic losses and avoid the down the scrap drill tool into the hole caused re-trip out the drill tools from the downhole, to improve drilling efficiency and reduce drilling costs. Landrill type full-automation downhole motor tester we manufactured is designed on basis of advanced features of same equipment abroad and integrates with the actual situation in China.

Main engine power: 75KW
Hydraulic pump engine power: 11KW
Drive rotate speed: 40r/min
Test range: งถ89~งถ245
Water system working pressure: 8 Mpa
Hydraulic system working pressure: 20 Mpa

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