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The bucking units are important equipment used to make up /break out and maintain all kinds of drill tools , drill stems and down-hole tools for petroleum and geological prospecting . It is applicable for assembly & disassembly and maintenance and testing of all kinds of drill tools , well-hole tools , test tools, cementing tools and different specially tubular for petroleum exploration and geological prospecting.

Landrill hydraulic bucking unit consists of hydraulic control table, shock screwing tongs, adjustable tongs, push-pull unit, feeding unit, rotary quick screwing unit, and touch-screen torque recorder.

Technical parameters   
1. Motor parameters: Power 22KW, speed: 1460R/min, quantity: 1 set
2. Max. working pressure for hydraulic system: 12 Mpa
3. Volume for oil tank: 600L                                        
4. Working media: 46# anti-abrasive hydraulic oil.
5. Applicable Dia. range of work-pieces: φ73ˇ«φ390 (in which, make-up /break-out for φ73ˇ«φ120 of work-piece shall be made byreplacing tongs teeth (die blocks)).
6. Max. torque for rotate by right hand to break-out: 8200ˇ«88500lb*ft            
7. Max. torque for rotate by left hand to make-up: 11000ˇ«118000lb*ft
8. Adjustable tongs: max. single-cylinder clamping force: 160KN
9. Rotary quick-screwing device: Screwing torque: 1.5ˇ«3KN?m   Applicable pipe dia.: 101.6mmˇ«340mm
10. Tail rack push-pull: max. pulling force for cylinder: 102KN
      Max. pushing force for cylinder: 120KN
      Cylinder stroke: 1500mm; Overall length of tail rack push-pull is 12m.
      There are two jack type movable support equipment on the tail rack.
11. The overall length of the cradle: 4 m. There are one jack type movable support equipment on the cradle.

breakout units,bucking units,drilling, oilfield

breakout units,bucking units,drilling, oilfield

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