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MD-750 Crawlers Type CBM Drill Rig


¢ñ.Drill Capacity
1. Φ89 mm Drill Rod  Drill Depth: 3200 m
2. Φ114 mm Drill Rod  Drill Depth: 2200 m
3. Φ127 mm Drill Rod  Drill Depth: 1600 m

 Full hydraulic CBM drill rig, CBM drill rig, Coal bed Methane Multi-function drill rig

¢ò. Main Machine Power
The main machine equipped with Weicai diesel engine.
Engine Power: 275KW             
Rotating Speed: 2200r/min
The main machine is adopted with two diesel engines in double power structure.
Total Power: 550KW
Max flow rate: 560L/min for close type hydraulic system.
Max flow rate: 630L/min for open type hydraulic system.


¢ó. Drill Head
In the adoption of low speed high torque hydraulic pump, in 2 speed adjustable steplessly.
Rated Torque 34000N·m    Rotating Speed 85r/min, speed adjustable steplessly
Rated Torque 17000N·m    Rotating Speed 170r/min, speed adjustable steplessly
The rig adopts four sets Poclain Hydraulic motors made in Franch with a counter shackling torque 42000N·m.
First gear reduction adopted to the drill head with top driving; The hollow spindle is in Φ75 mm diameter, adopting floating structure with spring damping structure.
The swing angle of drill head is 0-45°, and horizontal moving stroke is 0.75m.
Wired directional control system is mounted on spindle for direction-changing slope mine drilling.


¢ô. The Thrust and Pulling Force of Drill Rig
Lifting capacity: The machine is in 75 tons Max. lifting capacity with highest lifting speed at 35m/min,
the speed is stepless adjustable.
Feeding Force: The machine is in 16 tons Max. feeding force with highest feeding speed at 110m/min,
the speed is stepless adjustable.
Two oil cylinders are adopted together for thrusting and pulling with the Max. feeding & pulling stroke 11.8m.


¢õ. Shackles
Oil cylinder open-type butt clamping structure is adopted to achieve Max screwing off torque 100000 N·m and Max screwing on torque 50000 N·m.


¢ö. Anchoring block
The biggest opening dia is Φ650 mm.


¢÷. Hydraulic Winch
Main Winch:
Max lifting capacity: 3 tons (Bare Drum)
Steel wire dia: 10mm    
Rope capacity: 120m
The max lifting capacity is 60m/min, it is stepless shiftable.

Auxiliary Winch:
Max lifting capacity: 1.5 tons. (Bare Drum)
Steel wire dia: 8mm
Rope capacity: 1500m
Single wire lifting speed is 0-280m/min, it is stepless adjustable and used for lift
and mount detecting devices.


¢ø. Other
1£® Mud Pump
It is hydraulic driven with stepless adjustable flow rate.
Max flow rate at 0-600L/min and Max pressure is 10 MPa.
2£®Flow rate of Foam Pump : 0-1L/min
3£®Flow rate of Lubrication Pump: 0-15L/h
4.  Chassis£º Adopted crawler-type chassis, travelling in two speed with the max speed at 3km/h.
5£®On Board Diesel Tank:  700L
6£®Hydraulic Oil Tank:  800L
7£®Dimensions(L*W*H):  12500mm*3200mm*3400mm
8£®Overall Weight:  38 tons

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