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Variable Gauge Stabilizer is a hydraulic sealed integral blade stabilizer which has 3 spiral blades. There are 5 pistons on each blade. These pistons will extend under the pressure difference between inside and annulus space, and retracted by a spring. The pistons have a rest position and two working positions. The rest position is 1/8” below the surface of the stabilizer blade. The first working position is stay flat with the stabilizer blade surface and the second is fully extended. The gauge diameter change is between 1/4" and 3/4" depending on tool size and specifications. Because the tool can adjust the pistons working status quickly and simply by cycling the pumps, precise control of inclination can be achieved.


1.       The tool does not affect the circulation in down well;
2.       Two simple position systems;
3.       The condition of the tool can display and be adjusted from the surface;
4.       The integrated design ensures great reliability;
5.       Blades with hardfacing brings low friction and low wearing;
6.       Larger sizes can be designed.

  Specification 8 1/2'' 9 1/2'' 12 1/4''
  Max OD (mm) 215.9 241.3 311
  Min OD (mm) 200 222.25 292.1
  Fishing OD (mm) 172 203 228.6
  Max. delivery ( l/s) 45.5 60 90.9
  Max. mud density (g/cm3) 1.8


  Max. temperature ( ) 180 180 180
  Min. active pressure    (Mpa) 1.9 1.9 1.9
  Recommend active pressure (Mpa) 3.1 3.1 3.1
  Recommend Max. working pressure (Mpa) 13.8 13.8 13.8
  Connection  (API IF) 4-1/2" 6-5/8" 6-5/8"
  Assem. torque  (K.m) 4416 6210 6348
  Weight (kg) 368 560 885
  Length (m) 2.58 3 3
drilling, downhole,oilfield,directional drilling, stabilizer,hole open,VGS 

* Other sizes available under customer needs.



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