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ERT(Even Rubber Thickness):
Reasonable to change the shape of stator housing, the stator elastomer layer of Uniform Thickness downhole motor is thin and even. The characteristics of the downhole motor are short length, high power, high pressure drop, low rotate speed, high cooling efficiency, even thermal expansion, more widely used, more optimized structure and the lighter mass. Especially, the characteristics can prolong downhole motor's life and improve drilling efficiency in the ultra-deep well, directional well and high temperature well.

Resistance High-temperature And Oil Based Mud:
The downhole motor is suitable for high-temperature, high oil base mud system. In the conditions of less than 180°C and high oil, specially formulated stator elastomer owns high retention rates of strong force strength, tear strength and other properties. The oil-resistant elastomer with reasonable magnitude of interference has better using effect in the high-temperature, high oil base mud.

After corrosion spraying to form special coating, the rotor is better corrosion, erosion and abrasion-resistant. And downhole motor is suitable for long time in the corrosive fluid.
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Air Drilling:

Air drilling can protect reservoir well, improve rate of penetration, significantly shorten drilling period, take precaution against mud loss and borehole collapse, now is gradually widely used. Air drilling downhole motor is driven by gas, foam and other compressible fluids, provide power for the downhole and drives bit to penetrate rock. Air drilling downhole motor has higher technical requirements of the assembly structure, linear design of the motor stator and operation specification. 

OD Connect Thread Lobe Stage Flow Rate Rotary Speed Working Pressure Loss Output Torque Max. Pressure Loss Max. Torque Working Pressure
in Up /down gpm rpm psi lb-ft psi lb-ft lb
4 3/4

  3 1/2REG
  3 1/2REG

5:6 5 171-342 140-280 585  1730 824 2442 10803 
6 3/4 4 1/2REG
4 1/2REG
7:8 5 312-625 84-168 585  5293 824 7476 22000 
8 5 1/2REG
6 5/8REG
7:8 5 295-650 75-150 585  5324 824 7520 34100 
9 5/8 6 5/8REG
 6 5/8REG  
7:8 5 600-1200 68-135 585  11760 824 17720 48400
11 1/4 7 5/8REG
 7 5/8REG  
3:4 4 750-1500 97-196 466 8731 655 12300 67500
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