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1.Fishing magnet
The reverse circulation fishing magnet can magnetize and absorb small fallen metal substances, such as gear wheel,palm,tongs‘ tooth,etc. By its permanent magnet so as to make fishing effective and purify the bottom of well.
Nominal Dia mm Thread connection Wellbore Dia mm Suction kN
86 NC26 (2-3/8IF0 95-108 3
115 NC31 121-137 6
125 NC38(3-1/2IF 137-149 7
145 149-184 9
190 NC50(4-1/2IF) 203-229 13
200 216-241 15
265 6-5/8REG 279-311 22
The suitable temperature(℃) for above is : P≤120;G≤250
2.Junk retriever
Junk retriever is a general fishing tool which has simple structured and easy made.
It is mainly used for fishing of down-hole irregular catches. commonly called"junk catcher".
Type Hole size OD of Barel mm Max. Catch Dia.mm Max Swallow mm Bore Dia.mm Mill Shoe OD.(m.m) Top Connection
YL445 17 1/2" 419 311 1140 35 429 7 5/8 REG
YL331 12 1/4" 298 222 760 35 308 6 5/8 REG
YL215 8 1/2" 206 156 505 35 213 4 1/2IF
YL152 6" 146 108 505 29 150 31/2IF
3.Junk Sub
Junk Sub Type LB is a practical and effective tool.During drilling operation, it can be used to recover the heavier drilling cuttings or metal chips which are difficult to be lifted out of the borehole by normal drilling fluid circulation.
Type wellbore Dia.(m.m) Thread connection I.D.(m.m) O.D.(m.m)
LB94 108~117.5 2-3/8 REG 19 94
LB127 152.4~162 3-1/2 REG 38 127
LB190 229~273 4-1/2 REG 57 190
LB245 292~330 6-5/8 REG 76 245
LB340 386~456 7-5/8 REG 76 340
4.Grapple Releasing Spear
Grapple Releasing Spear Type LM is a simply constructed and high strength fishing tool by which fishing job is performed through the interior bore of the fish. It is mainly used to recover the lost drill string, tubing and casing, and can also be used in conjunction with internal cutter, bumper jars, etc. to finish cutting and recovering at the same time.
Type Catch size (m.m) Allowed LPAD (KN) Thread connection
LM-T89 54-76 320 2-7/8 TBG
LM-T108 62-128 470 NC31
LM-T159 108-127 1010 NC50
LM-T219 190-323 1920 6-5/8 REG
LM-T340 216-486 2600 7-5/8REG
5.Taper tap & Die collar
Taper tap is a s pecial tool cutting thread and fishing interually in dropped objects such as tubing, drill-pipe, wash-over pipe, packer, water flow allocator.
The tool is especially a great success in catch of objects accompaied with coupling.
The taper tap can effect different fishing operations when equipped with RH thread or LH thread drill pipes and other tools. 
Series   Connection   Catch size
GZ86 NC26 39~89
GZ86 NC31 30~100
GZ86 NC38 45~103
6. Die collars
Die collar is a special external fishing tool which is engaged on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oil tubing and drillpipe.
It can be used in fishing cylindrical objects without inner bore or stucked inner bore.
Series   Connection   Catch size
MZ-NC26 NC26 41~80
MZ-NC31 NC31 69~95
MZ-NC38 NC38 86~118
MZ-NC50 NC50 110~135
MZ-6 5/8 REG 6-5/8 REG 168
7.High efficiency milling shoe
High efficiency milling shoe is a specialized tool for milling downhole fallen objects and repairing fish top.
External tooth mill shoe:it is used to repair internal bore of fish top,scraper relict in the casing and small quantitative burr.
Inter tooth mill shoe:it is used to repair tube, drilling rod body and damaged fish top,etc.
Washover mill shoe: it is used to washover and release stucking.
Working Dia
Neck Dia.(m.m) Thread connection Water hole.(m.m) All length (m.m)
5-1/2"(140) 111 2-7/8 IF 20 330
7-5/8" (194) 165 4-1/2 IF 30 405
8-5/8"(219) 197 6-5/8 REG 35 425
8.Releasing and revering overshot
Releasing and revering overshot is a fishing tools which can fish from the outside.
The spiral grapple is used to the fish diameter is near the maximum catch size.
The basket grapple is used to the fish diameter is substantially less than maximum catch size.
Type O.D.(m.m) Thread connection Max.Catch Size (mm) Spiral Grapple Max.Catch Size(mm) Basket Grapple
LT-T105 105 NC31 82.5 70.5
LT-T143 143 NC38 121 108
LT-T162 162 NC476 133.5 117.5
LT-T200 200 NC50 159 141
LT-T213 213 NC50 178 162
LT-T241 241 NC50 213 197
LT-T286 286 6-5/8 REG 244.5 225.5
9.Impression Block
The impression block is an assembly of steel body and a soft lead founded at the bottom.
It is used to know the accurate depth, shape of fishing and check the deformation shape of casing diameter.
O.D I.D Upper & lower end connection (BOX) All length
8 (203) 3-1/16(78) 6-5/8 REG-L 24(610)
7-1/4(184) 2-13/16(71.4) 5-1/2 FH 24(610)
6-29/32(184) 2-13/16(71.4) NC50 24(610)
6-5/8(168) 2-13/16(71.4) NC50 24(610)
5-5/16(135) 1-3/4(44.5) NC38 24(610)


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