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MANIFOLDSvalves, manifolds,BOP,pipeline, drilling, oilfield

Mud manifold
•  Mud manifold is confluent and diffluence   and transport to standpipe manifold so that have enough mud to drilling operation.                           
•  Working pressure £º2000PSI¡«20000PSI
•  Nominal bore £º2.1/16~4.1/16(46mm~103mm)                       
•  Working medium £ºdrill liquid ,  mud                              
•  Working temp.£º-46°C¡«121°C
Choke manifold
• It is mating equipment of hydraulic BOP and is important equipment of control blowout and oil (gas) wellhead
• Through choke effected of choke valve to realizing press wellhead operation,instead of Polluted mud and aisocontrol wellhead casing pressure and stand casing pressure,restore mud pressure control and stop the overflow.
• Through relief effect of choke valve,reduce wellhead     valves, manifolds,BOP,pipeline, drilling, oilfield
pressure,that to realizing soft shut-in
• Through Large discharge of blow-off valve.reduce
wellhead casing pressure and protect wellhead BOP unit.
• It is match with hydraulic control box that remote control
• Working pressure: 2000PSI¡«20000PSI
• Nominal bore:2.1/16¡«4.1/16(46mm¡«103mm)
• Working medium:oil,nature,gas,mud
• Working temp:-46°C¡«121°C(LU)
Kill manifold
• When seal well with fully seal gate that put into mud through kill manifold to realizing press operationvalves, manifolds,BOP,pipeline, drilling, oilfield
• When blowout,add fresh water into well through kill manifold so as to Burning fire
• When the fire started,add fire-extinguishing into well cylinder through well manifold so as to help Eliminate fire
• Working pressure:2000PSI¡«20000PSI
• Nominal bore:2.1/16¡«4.1/16(46mm¡«103mm)
• Working medium:oil,nature,gas,mud
• Working temp:-46°C¡«121°C(LU)


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